Becoming a Mentee

As a CEO of a not-for-profit organisation, having a trusted mentor outside of your organisation can be invaluable.

Kilfinan Australia mentors can:

  • Be impartial and confidential listeners.
  • Provide wise and pragmatic counsel.
  • Suggest different ways of approaching issues and challenges.
  • Help you identify priorities and create action plans.
  • Offer a range of ideas for managing your team.
  • Help you think about ensuring your organisation’s sustainability.
  • Discuss how to work more effectively with your board.
  • Think creatively about new sources of support and ideas.
  • Boost your self-confidence.
  • Help you feel less isolated.

Kilfinan’s mentors have extensive business experience that they draw on to help mentees think through challenging issues in their CEO roles.

Prior to being matched with a mentor, each potential mentee meets with one of Kilfinan’s Executive Directors. This meeting explores the CEO’s skills and experience, current role and organisation and the challenges and issues to be addressed in a mentoring relationship. This information is used to identify an appropriate mentoring match.

If, following the meeting, you would like to proceed, the Executive Directors will identify an appropriate mentor for you, and send that person your information. Assuming the potential mentor agrees to an initial meeting, you will be sent information about that person. If the proposed mentor looks like a suitable match, you will then contact him/her to arrange the initial meeting.

Confidentiality is at the core of Kilfinan Australia. Kilfinan’s mentors may share insights about their mentoring relationships but individual mentees are not identified. Informal group mentee meetings allow Kilfinan’s mentees to share insights from their mentoring relationships and to network with their peers.

Mentee Stories

Mitzi Goldman CEO Documentary Australia Foundation

Mitzi Goldman, CEO of a Sydney-based not-for-profit initiative, has been a Kilfinan Australia mentee since 2015. She finds that her mentor’s experience in totally different sectors, as well as the opportunity to speak openly and personally with him, has resulted not only in personal growth but also the confidence to better manage her organisation and ensure an open and more productive relationship with her board. His guidance and perspective have been invaluable.

Paul Edginton CEO SYC Ltd

Notwithstanding that their backgrounds and industries are completely different, Paul Edginton describes his Kilfinan mentor as a perfect match. “She consistently delivers commercial and practical advice; advice that provides me with a clear picture of the direction my organisation – a not-for-profit centred on employment, training and youth services – needs to take. She provides a good, safe and regular reality check on how I’m leading the organisation. This is invaluable in my role as CEO.”

Loretta Mannix-Fell former CEO Luke Batty Foundation

As the inaugural CEO of a new foundation focused on ending domestic violence, Loretta Mannix-Fell used her mentor as a sounding board on how best to manage the expectations, sensitivities and dynamics of a new board. “He didn’t dictate, but rather worked with me on effective ways to communicate issues of concern. He guided me to be more reflective than reactive and, as such, was a mentor in the true sense of the word.”

Jane Hill CEO Ovarian Cancer Australia

Although she has worked in the not-for-profit sector for many years, Jane Hill says her Kilfinan mentor assists in managing the specific external demands of her organisation, as well as the expectations of its high-profile board. “It’s a privilege to be the CEO of an organisation that supports and advocates for thousands of women affected by ovarian cancer. My mentor’s support and encouragement has been and remains invaluable to me.”

Chris Raine CEO & Chairman Hello Sunday Morning

Chris Raine started and is now CEO of the largest online community of its kind, encouraging sensible drinking or non-drinking. Through discussions with his mentor he’s gained a better understanding of board dynamics and how best to approach certain topics. “My mentor has also been immensely valuable in providing me with the right legal perspective on critical issues, talking through situations and providing a wise perspective on the challenges of being a CEO.”

Andrea Goddard Executive Director Stars Foundation

A first time Executive Director, Andrea Goddard’s foundation supports and enables Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women to achieve their full potential. Andrea says her Kilfinan mentor has not only helped increase her self-confidence in her new role, but also given her a better understanding of board governance and how best to implement the overall strategic direction of the foundation, now operating in six locations throughout the Northern Territory.