Annual Fundraising and Supporter Drive 2022

team of 7 social services workers posing out front of office, orange painted shopfront
Newly build preschool and playground

"Being able to serve as a CEO is a wonderful opportunity, but it doesn't come with instructions"

There are no instructions for becoming a leader of an organisation. There are no rulebooks, roadmaps or ‘how to’ booklets. For our annual fundraising campaign this year we are inviting our Mentors, Mentees and other Business Leaders to share with us and our community; 

”What 3 things do you wish someone had told you before you started your journey towards leadership?”

You can share your ‘3 things’ with us via the below donation form by choosing to pledge either $1, $100, $1000 or $2000. And on the following screen you will enter your contact details and submit your 3 things before pledging your amount via a secure payment gateway. 

Alternatively you can fill out the contact form that is further down the page, also adding ‘your 3 things’ and submitting a pledged amount to donate to our fundraiser, and we can in turn invoice you for that amount. 

Thank you in advance for supporting us, which in turn builds better, stronger and more resilient Not-For-Profit organisations and charity leaders.

On submission of your donation you will automatically receive a tax invoice to your supplied email address.  

Alternatively you can fill out the below form and we can in turn send you an invoice to your email address for you to support our mentoring programs via your accounts payable. 

Thank you for your support!