Lunchtime Roundtable: Change Management | 3-Part Series

18 August 2021

In this interactive online series, leadership and human resources expert Emily Carr will share insights on Change Management.
Come to the sessions with a change that your organisation is, or will soon, go through. This could be changing software, working arrangements, staffing etc. Having any change, big or small, will bring these sessions to life for your organisation.

You will learn

  • How to articulate four change management theories
  • The 5 key pillars of change management
  • The importance of sponsorship
  • How to conduct stakeholder analysis
  • How to implement a change impact assessment
  • How to measure change

Please note: Participants must be able to attend the first 2 sessions, with the 3rd and final session being an optional group coaching activity.

Spaces are limited, Registrations close Wednesday 25th August, 2021



Online via Zoom