The Matching Process

Step 1
Self Evaluation

After determining eligibility, we will ask you to provide us with your CV and complete an online self-evaluation to help articulate any particular issues and goals you would like to work on. 

Step 2
Meet With Us

We will then meet together to explore your skills, experience, current role, organisation, personal preferences, as well as elaborate on the challenges and issues to be addressed in a mentoring relationship. We use this information to determine your suitability for the mentoring program and to identify a mentor with complementary skills and experience. 

Step 3
Service Agreement

If you are successful in being accepted into the program, we will request that you sign a service agreement outlining the program terms and conditions. 

Step 4

Once the signed service agreement is returned we will identify a potential mentor and send you their information to review. If your proposed mentor looks like a suitable match, the next step is for you to advise us that you are interested and to contact the mentor to arrange an in initial meeting. 

Step 5
Initial Meeting

Both you and your proposed mentor will then have an initial meeting to determine if you would like to work together and think you can build a trusting and effective working relationship. This initial conversation is an opportunity to get to know more about each others skills, experience and discuss both of your expectations. 

Step 6
Mentoring Agreement

If both parties agree to continue we will ask you both to sign a mentoring agreement. The agreement outlines your mutual expectations and obligations to each other, as well as your needs and development goals. 

Step 7

After being matched we will check in with you at regular intervals to see how you're progression. There are 2 checkpoints in the 1st year and a single check in for each year after.