The X-Change Video Library

An initiative of The Xfactor Collective Foundation – launched in mid-2022 with an updated offering of 100 free videos available for not-for-profit organisations. Including the already existing video resources, this brings the total number of free videos available via the X-Change library to 220.

The X-Change Video Library is a resource to help and support charities and NFP’s during times of change, challenge and transformation. The short videos (3-10 minutes) cover a broad range of topics from fundraising to digital transformation, workplace wellbeing and governance. The videos feature practical information and guided steps delivered by experts in their chosen fields. 

The Video Library’s expansion has been funded by the Social Sector Transformation Fund (SSTF), an initiative of the Department of Communities and Justice, NSW Government. 

The X-Change Video Library is a social sector collaboration, with new content from partners including The Centre for Volunteering, Fundraising Institute Australia, Justice Connect and Infoxchange. The project also features specialist consultants from the Foundation’s sister social enterprise, The Xfactor Collective.

The Videos – 3 examples from the collection

This example video below is presented by Teisha Archer, who is a fundraising campaign expert. It looks at the 5 types of ‘no’ you may receive from a funder when you are trying to raise funds for your organisation.  Understanding ‘no’ and what it means may help you get to YES!

This next video is presented by Marcus Harvey, who is a Digital Transformation Expert at Info Exchange.

This 6 minute video takes a look at; 

Where does an NFP get started on their technology journey?

  • Understand what you’ve got and the priorities for improvement

  • Document what you have

  • What works well and what doesn’t work well?

  • Secure your budget

  • Start with something simple – prove benefits

  • Quantify your technology against the 5 elements

And lastly this third example  – How do you ensure your board is as effective as possible?

 If a Board is effective it will trickle down to an organisation being more effective. This video outlines 4 tips to enhance board effectiveness. They include:

  • Annual Board performance review

  • Board Professional Development

  • Meeting structure, information architecture and board support

Follow the link below to find the whole series of videos on the Xfactor Collective website 

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