Our Story

Inspired by the UK Kilfinan Group, Kilfinan Australia was launched in 2014. Kilfinan is a registered charity operating in Australia and New Zealand.

Kilfinan is funded entirely by donations through the support of our sponsors

Kilfinan Australia provides confidential, free, one-on-one mentoring to the CEOs of registered charities. This is done through a comprehensive matching process with leaders in the public and private sectors that volunteer their time and experience.

The aims of Kilfinan Australia are to:

  • Leverage cross-industry collaboration by enhancing the understanding between corporate and for-purpose organisations
  • Strengthen the for-purpose sector by drawing on the skills and experience in the commercial and government sectors
  • Growing the highest caliber leader by supporting CEO’s in their learning and growth as well as providing an opportunity to give back.

Confidentiality and trust is implicit within the purpose of Kilfinan. Our privacy policy details how we protect the privacy of our stakeholders, individuals and organisations with whom it deals.  A copy of our privacy policy is available KA Privacy Policy.

“Mentoring someone who’s a CEO of a not-for-profit, even a large one, I didn’t appreciate their lack of resources.  I’m Director of a number of listed companies and there are so many resources.  You can just say, give this to the new management or give it to the company secretary. Not-for-profits can’t do that. They have only a couple of people on the Executive team if that, and yet they do an amazing amount with the limited resources they have.  It helped me understand the value of my input.  Being a CEO is lonely everywhere.  But to have someone who can provide feedback about how your Board or your management team might react is so valuable—it gives an extra point of reference you might not otherwise have.”  Marie McDonald, Kilfinan Mentor, Non-Executive Director.