Our impact.

When social purpose leaders thrive, their organisations and communities thrive too.

As the head of their organisations, leaders are learning quickly, growing their capability, and deepening their confidence. Their efforts amplify and ripple outward.

Insight: mentoring works

I am more proficient in leading my organisation. 97%
I am better positioned to achieve my professional goals. 93%
I have a deepened confidence in my abilities and skills. 97%
My organisation has benefited as a result of my mentorship. 100%
My organisation’s community has benefited as a result of my mentorship. 97%
Long-term mentorships
Connected over the past eight years
Charities supported
Across Australia
Mentorships supported
In financial year 2022
Tapping into years of experience, the issues discussed in mentorships are substantive. Mentors add unique value to the thinking and practice of their mentees while appreciating their talent, skill, and resourcefulness.

Insight: Mentors are judicious and inquiring advisors

My mentee critically engages with my advice and counsel. 86%
My mentee is growing and learning as a result of my mentorship. 88%
My mentee brings substantive issues to the table. 93%
I have supported my mentee to solve problems and address challenges. 97%
I am adding value to my mentee’s thinking and practice. 88%
New mentorships
In financial year 2022
Trusted volunteer mentors
In financial year 2022
New participants
At our specialised networking events

Central to a great connection is trust. Mentees overwhelmingly report that their mentors are available, trusted, understanding, insightful, and challenge them. Building on trust is expertise. Nearly all mentees state that their mentor not only understands their issues and goals but critically engages with them.

Insight: Great matches matter

My mentor is available to me and prioritises our mentorship. 97%
My mentor and I have developed rapport and trust over time. 93%
My mentor and I communicate with each other well. 97%
My mentor understands my issues, challenges and goals. 100%
My mentor critically engages my issues, challenges and goals. 97%
Donated hours
By mentors in 2022
In value
Contributed in 2022
In value
Contributed over 8 years


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