Perth City Farm

Impact storytelling

Each year we have many conversations with our community to understand what they are worried about, working on, and celebrating. Through this, we gain valuable insights on the big and small changes occurring for them.

We have two types of stories we tell, case studies and transformation stories. They each focus on leadership challenges, transformation, and the multiplier effect of mentoring, but each have a unique style and purpose. 

We are proud to share them with you.

Case Studies
Case studies take a personal, holistic look at mentoring for both the mentee and mentor, focusing less on outcomes. They strive to encapsulate the experience for both people over time, and often focus on how the relationship has developed.
Transformation Stories

These stories are collected using an evaluation technique called Most Significant Change (MSC). This technique is suited to monitoring outcomes that focus on learning and growth, and how mentoring creates change.

We sort the stories into categories, called domains of change. Domains of change indicate the types of changes mentors and mentees are likely to experience throughout their mentorship. They are not precisely defined like performance indicators, but are deliberately left loose:

  • Changes in governance and board relations
  • Changes in leadership capacity & confidence
  • Changes in organisational performance
  • Other changes

This technique provides a simple means of making sense of a large amount of complex information collected from many participants across a range of settings and contexts. In order to protect the confidentiality and trust of our mentees and mentors, some of these stories have been de-identified.

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